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Posted by armylaundress on April 1, 2016 at 9:15 PM

Things can get kind of weird when people find out you have a book published, especially when you share a name with someone famous. Some of the conversations and comments can be quite funny.

"Are you THAT Jennifer Lawrence?" Nope, not even close. It is easy to say that there are a few years separating us. Not only that, we live in two entirely different places. While I can't speak for the other Jennifer Lawrence, I can say that this one is a strictly small town gal. I don't think I would enjoy the big city lifestyle.

"But you are a scientist, not a historian." I have heard this from many people, my students included.  (I forgive the latter. They are still young enough to be linear thinkers.) Hmm...I didn't know the two were mutually exclusive. I have always believed a person should have many interests, and should always be growing and learning.

'Well Ms. Lawrence. I guess you'll be rolling up to school in a black limo, with a driver from here on." Kiddo, I hate to bust your bubble there, but...1) If I were making that kind of money, I probably would retire from teaching, and 2) this isn't that kind of book. While I would love to sell a million copies, I am not sure that is going to happen. (However, as I tell my students, never say never!)

See the first comment. "Ms. Lawrence! That chick stole your name! You should sue her!" Sorry, my lovely students. That isn't how the real world works. Movie stars can choose any name they like. I never put a copyright on mine. Which then led to the question, "Does anyone ever call you Jay-lo?" No, but that is the barn name of a friend's brood mare.

"You forgot to dot that i and cross that t. You, not only a teacher, but a writer!" This was from a casual conversation. I took the time to explain that I considered Facebook, email, etc. as casual conversation. I do not expect it to be perfect on your end, and I don't expect it to be perfect on mine. Besides, we all make mistakes.

So there we are. I get up and go to school each morning, and like every other teacher in America, I bring papers home at night to grade, go to school to tend classroom pets on the weekends, and spend time and money to benefit my students. Writers aren't special. We are just people who followed a passion, and stuck with a goal to the end.

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